Technology has come a long way in the last eight years. Catch your older Ford up in just one step with the FordPass SmartLink. Developed in collaboration with Aptiv and Verizon Connect, this small device attaches to the OBD II port of your 2010-17 model year Ford, giving it connected features via a Verizon LTE connection and doubling as a Wifi hotspot. Once connected, it lets you do things like lock/unlock your vehicle and start your engine from your phone, get vehicle health and security alerts, and track your vehicle's location. All the stuff you'd expect on a new car, compatible with your old(er) ride. Available directly from Ford dealers later this year.


It's not a clock in the traditional sense, as it doesn't tell the current time. Instead, the Time Since Launch Clock marks the passage of time since an event of your choosing. Pull the pin and it begins counting up, showing the days, hours, minutes, and seconds on a pair of LCDs, stored safely inside a handsome borosilicate glass tube with galvanized aluminum endcaps. Use it to mark the birth of a child, a personal achievement, or any other momentous event and know that you'll be reminded every time you look at it — or at least until the 40-year battery runs out.



Keep your car protected from the scorching sun with the Lanmodo Automatic Car Tent. Available in a variety of sizes to fit different vehicles, it mounts quickly and easily to the top of your car and unfolds in just eight seconds with the push of a button. In addition to keeping your car cool, it also protects against hail, bird droppings, and other falling objects, and should you opt for the all-in-one package, you can also set it on a stand and attach side curtains to create a full-sized tent.


Cars have changed a lot of the last 100+ years. Their plates haven't. The Rplate Pro replaces those antiquated pieces of stamped metal with a bright, customizable E-ink display. On the move, it looks like its static cousins, just without the need for a stack of date stickers in the corner. When parked, it can display customized messages. For corporations, it can also be configured to display brand messaging, and report its location back to HQ. Currently available in California and through a pilot program in Arizona.



Alexa continues to pop up in everything, from GPS units to thermostats. Somewhere it's been surprisingly limited? Portable, wireless speakers. The Ultimate Ears Blast Speaker does its best to change that. Outfitted with both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, it offers actual hands-free interaction with Amazon's assistant that even the Echo Tap can't match. It can also stream over Wi-Fi from most popular music services and has a waterproof body, optional wireless charging, and up to 12 hours of battery life. Available in four colors, as well as in a larger, more powerful Megablast version.


Launched in time for the film's 50th anniversary, this HAL 9000 Replica is a spitting image of 2001: A Space Odyssey's antagonist. The basic edition serves as a Bluetooth speaker, made from brushed aluminum, extruded aluminum trim, and a glass primary lens for HAL's signature red "eye". Limited to 2001 units, the Command Console adds a 10.1-inch HD display, customizable bias lighting, a bank of ten buttons for controlling the graphics on the display, and Amazon Alexa built-in. Both units include a desk stand for the speaker, as the Console version integrates a removable unit, and they'll be joined in the lineup by a mini-HAL USB flash drive.



Built for maximum speed, the OWC Thunderblade Drive takes full advantage of your computer's Thunderbolt 3 port. Inside its ballistic hard-shell case is a high-capacity SSD RAID array capable of 2800MB/s data transfers, making it ideal for demanding work like video editing. Dual ports on the back let you daisy-chain up to six devices, and capacities up to 8TB give you plenty of room to store multiple projects at once.


Designed for shared live stargazing experiences, the Hiuni Telescope is an easy-to-use smart telescope. The Hiuni has a Cassegrain style design with an integrated finderscope camera and dual mirrors. The scope also has an extra large 6-inch aperture, and built-in sensors to find and track objects as well as deep light imaging to enhance live images into the sharpest views. Just connect your tablet through their IOS or Android apps, choose a celestial object, and enjoy an interactive and educational experience.



No matter how good iPads and Surfaces get, they still can't compete with plain old paper for reading and handwriting. The Remarkable Paper Tablet aims to bridge the gap by offering digital convenience with a truly paper-like experience. At its heart is a cutting-edge 10.3-inch, 226 PPI E Ink display, covered with high-friction surface materials so it doesn't just look like paper, but feels like it, too. The accompanying pen has tilt detection, 2,048 levels of pressure sensitivity, and virtually zero lag. And unlike a paper notebook, the 8GB of internal storage gives you a nearly endless (100,000) number of pages for reading, writing, and sketching.


Built around a highly sensitive mahogany surface, the Expressive E Touche is as much an instrument as a controller. It allows you to change the sound of your synthesizers using simple gestures, with it detecting front, back, and side pressure. Companion software lets you map different gestures to different changes, includes a host of presets, and also lets you change the MIDI CC and CV voltages it sends out. It offers four 1/8" CV outputs, MIDI input and output, and a USB port for connecting to your computer.



Use your Venmo balance for in-person purchases with the Venmo Debit Card. It works everywhere Mastercard is accepted, has tap-to-pay built-in, and also works at most ATMs. If your balance is too low to cover a purchase, it can automatically transfer money from your linked funding source, and it makes it super easy to split purchases with friends right from the app. Currently available as a limited release, you can get in line from inside the Venmo app.


Sometimes technology can actually bring us closer to nature instead of tearing us away. The Vaonis Stellina Telescope lets you explore the sky right from your device. It sets up automatically in as little as 5 minutes and connects via an app to let you pick and choose what planet, star, or constellation you'd like to view. It uses a 6.4-megapixel CMOS image sensor, image-stacking technology, and custom optics to capture outstanding images of the night sky which you can immediately share with friends and family. And since it fits into a backpack, you can take it far enough away from light pollution to make it fully worthwhile.



Like the difference between AM radio and high-quality streaming, there's a huge gap between a quality audio rig and your computer's built-in mic. The Blue Yeticaster Broadcast Studio is an all-in-one solution that helps you sound your best. The package is built around the Yeti USB microphone, which packs professional-quality features into a small, easy-to-use package. It's paired with the Compass boom arm and Radius III shock mount, both of which are designed for use with the Yeti and combine to get you up and recording in minutes.


Alexa and Google have some domestic competition. After a brief delay, the Apple HomePod is ready to bring Siri into your abode. Standing under seven inches tall, it's a 3D mesh-wrapped cylinder with a ton of tech built-in. Audio is its core mission, as evidenced by the array of seven tweeters, precision acoustic horns, and a four-inch upward-facing subwoofer. Thanks to its Apple A8 brain, it makes the most of them by automatically detecting your space and creating a sound profile tailored to your home. And of course, an array of six microphones let you talk to Siri, so you can do everything from play an Apple Music playlist to set a location-based reminder using nothing more than your voice. The 5.5-pound counter computer is available in white or space gray.



Whether you know the financial markets inside and out or are just starting to learn, you should enjoy playing a few rounds of Daytrader ($32 and up). This brand-new board game by Samir Lyons sees you getting a job and trading in the companies you work for to accumulate enough wealth to retire, and then hopefully returning home before the volatile market wipes out part of your savings. Thankfully, a clever, lighthearted design from Ital/c keeps things from getting too cynical, even if the odds are against you ever being able to try your strategies in real life.


It's bad enough that you bought every console on the market. You don't need to invest hundreds more for all their different controllers. The All Universal Gaming Controller promises to be the last gamepad you'll ever need. Packed with 11 different USB and seven Bluetooth drivers, it's compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and, soon, the Nintendo Wii, Wii U, and Switch. It also has a built-in screen for setting up macros, button mapping, and adjustments, and thanks to its rock-solid build quality, it will hold up to even the most fervent of gamers. Available in wired and wireless versions.



Milled from solid pieces of aluminum and brass, the Rama Works M60-A Mechanical Keyboard exhibits a heft and attention to detail often missing from computing peripherals. The base is hand polished to a mirror finish while the top is bead-blasted to a grit finish and then PVD coated or anodized to the desired color. Cherry MX-compatible switches provide an ideal typing experience as well as room for customization, and the optional interior brass weight raises its heft from three and a half to over five pounds. It connects via USB-C and is available in six colors.


Technology like the GoPro has changed the way we document our outdoor adventures. And the Removu R1+ is the perfect accessory to take that documentation to the next level. The R1+ straps on to your wrist and acts as a controller for your GoPro camera. It provides a live image view on a 2" LCD screen that connects without the need for a smartphone app. But the biggest upgrade is its waterproof capability, giving you the ability to submerge it underwater at depths up to 3.3' for up to 30 minutes, making it perfect for water sports or capturing video in wet environments.



Developed over the course of four years, the One Motion Measuring Tool uses the same tech that rocket guidance systems utilize to keep track of movement in 3D space. Using accelerometers, gyros, and magnetometers, the Moasure one plots a 3D position in any space to measure distance, angle, level, and more. It fits in the palm of your hand, is more accurate than lasers, GPS, and camera-based apps, and has 24 different measuring modes. It's also waterproof, shockproof when dropped, and has a rechargeable battery that will last for more than 500 measurements on a single charge.


Aficionados know that to maintain optimal quality, cigars should be stored in a space that maintains a relative humidity of 70-72%, a temperature of 64-70º F, and is ventilated regularly. Instead of constantly checking on them, toss a Cigsor Smart Humidor Sensor in with your prized smokes. This Wi-Fi-connected gadget keeps track of both the humidity and temperature inside your humidor, sending you an alert if things are sub-optimal along with reminders when you should let in some fresh air. It's available in black anodized aluminum, stainless steel, or gold plate, and is made in Switzerland.



Thanks to a robust, timeless design that leaves their aluminum antenna exposed, the Master & Dynamic MW50 Wireless On-Ear Headphones offer range to match their sound. They work as far as 100 feet away from the Bluetooth source, while producing outstanding audio thanks to 40mm beryllium drivers. They charge over USB-C, offer 16-hours of battery life, and with a body that's 30% smaller and lighter than their big brother MW60, are ideal for on-the-go use. Available in silver metal with black or brown leather accents and ear pads.


Caterpillar is primarily known for its construction equipment. Now it's bringing its tough-as-nails knowhow to your phone. The Caterpillar S60 Smartphone is designed with workers in mind, with a rugged build and a number of features that come in handy on the job site. Foremost among those is the world's first integrated FLIR thermal camera, great for things like detecting heat loss around windows or doors, spotting moisture or missing insulation, or indentifying misfit electric appliances. It's as tough as you'd expect, with a Mil Spec 810G case that can withstand drops of 1.8 meters and is waterproof to 5 meters, a die-cast frame, and a 4.7-inch touchscreen with automatic wet finger and glove support. And while the specs won't overwhelm anyone, it's no slouch, either, making it useful even after it's time to clock out.



Small projectors are nothing new. But most involve compromises, either in the maximum resolution or brightness. The UO Smart Beam Laser Projector offers both 720p resolution and 60 lumes of brightness in a cube that measures just 2.2 inches in each direction. As the name suggests, it uses an advanced laser diode and LCOS tech to project your images up to 150" in size, accepts wireless and HDMI input, and has a battery life of up to two hours, or just long enough to catch a movie in the backyard.


Keep in touch with friends and family anywhere in the world with the Somewear Global Hotspot. This clever gadget uses Bluetooth LE to connect your iPhone or Android device to Iridium's satellite network, paired with an app for communication. It supports two-way SMS text messaging, can alert you to local weather conditions, lets you download local GPS maps, and share your location. Should the worst happen, the device itself can be used to send out an SOS signal — monitored 24/7 by GEOS Worldwide — and with a shockproof, waterproof body, it's designed to withstand anything you do.



Home security cameras often create more problems than they solve. Evercam from Eufy eliminates the need for plugs and wall outlets with a wireless setup that's easy to install using a single-screw mount that attaches to the camera via magnets. It boasts a 140° wide-angle lens for a full-HD panoramic view, provides live video streaming day and night, is weatherproof for outdoor use, and a single charge will keep it active for a full year. The camera also reduces false alarms by up to 95% using a scanning and filtering process that includes infrared motion detection and facial recognition.


Handmade in San Francisco, the Lucnt SRL1 is a bike light that makes the roads safer for everyone. The light functions more like a car tail light and connects to your bike using magnets. It uses multiple sensors to determine when you're slowing down or speeding up and automatically brightens when you brake and turns off when the bike is sitting still. The SRL1 is the size of a thumb drive and provides 20 hours of use on a single hour of charging via USB.



Known for his intriguing retro-futuristic gaming and computer designs, Love Hulton is now bringing his talents to bear on the audio world. The Love Hulten Astovox Hi-Fi System hides its Pioneer-sourced 6.75-inch drivers inside handmade African Mahogany cubes finished with brushed aluminum front panels. They're powered by a 2x50W amplifier housed in a matching case, with simple tone controls to adjust the sound and both Bluetooth and 3.5mm inputs. Limited to just 100 signed and numbered units.


More than just a simple dashcam, the Owl Car Camera keeps an eye on your ride even when you're not driving it. HD cameras give you visual coverage of both the front exterior and interior of the car, recording everything while you're driving. When parked, it uses sensors to detect events and a 4G LTE connection to send alerts to your phone so you can view the footage, live feed, and, if needed, activate the intercom of floodlights. Each Owl comes with a year of LTE service, and it costs just $99/year after that.



Measuring just 1.55 inches deep, the new line of Morel PowerSlim In-Wall Speakers offer unprecedented placement flexibility. That thin profile allows them to fit in spots that lack the space for traditional in-walls. Yet they don't skimp on sound quality despite their size, with 6.5-inch woofers and 1.1-inch Acuflex hand coated tweeters.


Audio quality and design have always been the highest priorities at Ruark Audio, and that tradition continues with the release of their first connected wireless speaker. It's compact but doesn't sound small, utilizing a pair of 75mm full-range neodymium drivers powered by a high-fidelity dual channel amp. Built for wireless streaming, it has an internet radio tuner built in for access to stations at home and abroad and is all controlled using Ruark's smartphone app. Available in rich walnut or soft grey with silver alloy stand and lead grey fabric grille.



Carrying a battery pack isn't unusual. But normally it takes up room in either your pocket or your bag, whether it stands on its own or attaches to the back of your phone. The Xoo Phone-Charging Belt keeps your pockets and bags clear by placing the power on your waist. Available in polished zinc or Casely-Hayford imagined black, it packs a next-gen 2100 mAh Lithium Ceramic Polymer battery into the buckle, which is paired with your choice of black or brown leather straps.


It doesn't matter what you're trying to protect or where it is, the Duo Portable Security Sensor can offer added peace of mind. This palm-sized gadget uses light and motion sensors to detect disturbances and a dedicated cellular connection send you alerts via SMS. As a result, it doesn't need a Wifi connection, and with up to a year of battery life, it doesn't need an outlet, either — making it ideal for places like your safe at home or your luggage at a hotel.



Keeping your PC ready to handle the latest games at high frame rates is a chore. The Blade Shadow Cloud-based Gaming PC lets you offload the hassle to the cloud. Instead of packing the box with local tech, it connects to a data center where you're guaranteed eight threads on a Xeon processor, 12GB of DDR4 RAM, a high-end Nvidia card capable of 144Hz 1080p or 60Hz 4K graphics, and 256GB of storage. You'll pay a monthly fee for the service — and the machine, if you don't buy upfront — but the company promises ongoing component upgrades so you won't be left behind with legacy hardware.


Endless OS was designed for emerging markets, but it's intuitive and powerful enough for use back home. The Mission One Computer is one of the first in a series of initiatives to bring it stateside. The small retangular computer has a tasteful design wrapped in sustainably-harvested bamboo. Inside, it's powered by a dual-core Intel Celeron processor, and has modest, yet respectable, specs, including HDMI output and modern wireless connectivity. Most importantly, though, it runs Endless OS, which means it's as easy to use as a smartphone, and includes over 100 apps and tools that work great even without an Internet connection.



The Porsche Design 911 Speaker doesn't just look like an exhaust pipe. It's built from one. Using the pipes from the 911 GT3 to output the sound and an aluminum housing to keep them perched in mid-air, this speaker is a tempting gadget for any auto lover. Bluetooth 4.0 with apt-X and 60 watts of power ensure high-quality sound, and 24 hours of battery life means that like the car it's built from, you won't need to leave it in one place. Available in Europe now, it will go on sale stateside in October.


The latest iPhones support wireless charging. There are plenty of gadgets that don't. The Nomad Wireless Charging Hub takes care of both scenarios. While there's a Qi-compatible charger built into the matte rubber top, there's also a bank of four high-powered USB ports underneath for charging legacy devices, and the low-profile black body blends in well with any decor.



Vibration therapy helps you recover from a brutal workout by easing muscle stiffness and soreness. And now, the Hypervolt puts this breakthrough tech in the palm of your hand. The cordless vibration massage device features a high-torque motor with four interchangeable head attachments and three-speed settings. It's lightweight, quiet, and can be used for up to three hours per charge.


Give your 4K TV another source of content with the Roku Ultra Streaming Media Player. Recently updated, this flagship model offers support for 4K up to 60fps and HDR content and has apps for most major streaming services. It also runs the new Roku OS 8, which adds features like the new Smart Guide that seamlessly integrates information for local broadcast TV stations — available via antenna — with streaming options. In addition to the Ultra, the company is also offering updated versions of its Express, Express+, Streaming Stick and Streaming Stick+ models.



There are tons of camera apps to choose from in the iOS universe, but there aren't many that top the convenience of the built-in Apple app. Obscura 2 is a manual camera app that makes an excellent companion to your go-to camera with an intuitive design that puts the main controls on the bottom third of the screen for easy one-handed use. Obscura also provides exposure, focus, shutter speed, and ISO options along with a diverse set of filters and an integrated photo library browser.


The first thing you'll notice is its skewed screen, but it's what's inside the aluminum shell that's most important. The first portable player to employ dual Cirrus MasterHIFI DACs, the Astell & Kern A&norma SR15 Music Player promises outstanding audio reproduction. It has a quad-core processor for speedy performance, with native DSD playback and bit-for-bit support for files up to 24-bit/192 kHz. Outputs include digital USB, 2.5mm balanced, 3.5mm headphone, and Bluetooth 4.1. As for the screen, it's angled such that the facets on sides provide excellent grip with either hand and makes room for the dedicated volume knob.



Give your old 8mm and Super 8 footage a new life with the Wolverine MovieMaker Pro Film Converter. This standalone machine automatically scans reels up to 9" frame-by-frame using a 1/3-inch CMOS sensor, converting them into 20 fps, 1080p MP4 files. A 2.4-inch screen and TV output let you monitor the action, and an SD card slot lets you convert up to 32GB worth of movies at a time.


Universal Audio's Apollo has long been an industry standard for pristine AD/DA conversion. Now you can get Apollo-level quality in the compact, Thunderbolt 3-powered Arrow recording interface. The two mic inputs feature UA's Unison technology, giving you access to a range of emulations from classic analog mic preamps to classic guitar amplifiers from Fender and Marshall. Also included is an onboard UAD-2 SOLO Core processor and a plugin suite loaded with some of UA's legendary studio gear like the LA-2A and 1176 compressors. The Arrow's small footprint and heavy-duty construction mean it's as capable in the field as it is on your desk.



The Sensorwake Trio is the first alarm clock to wake you up using smell, light, and sound. The tastefully designed clock gives users nine fragrance options naturally embedded in capsules that begin the wake-up process for one minute. The minute of smell is followed by a minute of soothing light, followed by a minute of sound. It's simple to set up, is safe, healthy, and mess-free and each capsule will last 30 mornings before needed to be replaced.


Powerful enough to create a 100" screen yet small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, the Pocket Pico Projector from Kodak is a portable powerhouse. Thanks to a built-in wireless connection, you can stream media directly from your iOS or Android device, as well as load videos onto an SD card or connect via HDMI. Built-in speakers provide adequate sound, and the rechargeable battery lasts for up to two hours.



Have the world in the palm of your hands with Earth. The augmented reality experience starts with a highly-detailed 3D-printed model of our planet. Once it's paired with the AstroReality app, just point your phone 's camera at the mini-Earth and you can travel around the globe exploring geological changes, wildlife, and weather patterns along the way. It's voice controlled, so simply ask any questions you have and find out how many gallons of water is in the Atlantic Ocean immediately. The data goes back through our home's entire 4.5 billion-year history, allowing you to take a walk through its complete evolution — the good and the bad.


Instead of filling your living or game room with retro boxes, the Polymega Modular Gaming Console suggests a more elegant solution. The system consists of a base with a slot for CD-based systems like the PS1 and Sega CD and USB ports for add-ons, plus a series of modules that include controller ports and game slots for systems like the NES, SNES, Genesis, and TurboGrafx-16. The system uses a "hybrid" emulation solution that relies on both hardware and software and supports wireless controllers as well. All games will be output in 1080p, and pre-orders are expected to open later this summer.



An iPad competitor, this is not. Built around the versatile Raspberry Pi, the Raspad provides a touchscreen platform for development and tinkering. Behind its 10.1-inch, 1280x800 touchscreen is a wedge-shaped body with a compartment designed to hold a standard-sized Pi. You can swap models out as needed, and a gap in the cover lets you connect a 40-pin ribbon cable. It also offers an HDMI input, a 3.5mm headphone jack, built-in speakers, and a rechargeable battery offering up to 5 hours of runtime. A variety of packages are available, including a bare-bones unit that ships without a Pi, as well as kits with various sensors, a camera, and even a robotic arm.


Created to fix the most common problems with TV audio (such as the infamous quiet dialogue issue), the Aftermaster Pro improves the overall quality of your home audio without the need for soundbars or bulky speakers. The compact device hooks up between your TV and content source through HDMI and automatically adjusts and clarifies poor quality audio and dialogue, so you're not constantly adjusting the volume using a remote. The device also controls and balances your TV's peak special effects sound levels and provides you with a significantly better experience no matter what you're watching.



While most phones keep getting bigger, the Unihertz Atom does the opposite. Billed as the world's smallest, it's a ruggedized, water- and shock-proof device running Android Oreo. The screen is a refreshingly small 2.45 inches — the entire device is less than four inches tall and under two inches wide — yet it doesn't skimp on features. There's an octa-core CPU, a 16-megapixel camera, NFC, a fingerprint sensor, dual SIM slots, and all the other features you'd expect from a modern smartphone. Just without the window-sized display.


A whiteboard at your fingertips whenever a creative problem needs to be solved. The latest Wipebook is integrated with the Wipebook Scan app and allows you to stay organized and optimize your daily workflow. Wipebook Scan lets you work things out just like you would on a whiteboard, no matter where you are, and then provides the ability to scan your work to your favorite cloud service to keep your solutions for future reference or share them with colleagues. Then you're free to wipe the work away and re-start on a fresh new canvas that you can use over and over again. 20 pages (10 graph + 10 ruled) along with a penholder and correctable marker are included.



SimpliSafe teamed up with global design firm IDEO to create a home security experience more beautiful, powerful and intuitive than ever before. Rebuilt from the ground up with new safeguards to create a latticework of protection the new Simplisafe is half the size with double the range. It's also fifty percent louder, five times faster, and the system's wireless Keypad is soft, smooth and wakes with a touch. It's incredibly easy to set up in just a few minutes with no drilling, wiring or tools required and is offered at the same revolutionary price that made SimpliSafe the fastest growing home security company in the nation.


The Vi personal trainer boasts an A.I. engine that learns and adapts to you. The trainer provides workouts tailored to your goals and abilities and speaks in a warm, motivating, human voice. Vi also tracks your heart rate, pace, calories burned, and more in real-time upon request. And when the work out ends, use the Bluetooth headset to listen to your favorite music or podcasts via the Harmon Kardon sound with a battery life of up to eight hours.



When your phone's battery gets hot, it consumes more energy. Nanocase helps extend your battery life by keeping it cool. Inside the low-profile case is a thin layer of graphene that dissipates heat from the back of your phone, resulting in a cooler operating temperature and a battery life boost of up to 20% without the added bulk, weight, or inconvenience of a traditional battery pack. It fully supports wireless charging and is available for the iPhones 8, 8 Plus, and X.


It won't have the resolution of a real screen, but Oculus TV does let you enjoy a virtual 180-inch portal anywhere you go. This new app for the Oculus Go works as a virtual streaming stick, so you can enjoy content from Netflix, Hulu, and other popular services, all displayed on the big screen in your virtual living room. More services are set to join in the near future, but don't expect it to replace your real-life set — your eyes probably wouldn't appreciate it.



Get the most out of your camera with the Capsule360 motion box. Developed by Miops, best known for their remote camera controls, the Capsule360 supports slide, pan, and tilt functions, depending on the attached accessory. Ideal for time-lapses, it can also be used as a turntable for 360-degree product photography, can automatically track objects via the companion app, and also has a star tracking mode for astrophotography. Up to three units can be linked together automatically for more complex movements, and it supports camera rigs up to 15.4 lbs, as well as action cams and smartphones.


The comparisons with Apple's AirPods are inevitable. They're also not entirely fair. Google Pixel Buds Earphones are wireless earbuds that offer a super-easy pairing process with their company's flagship phone — in this case, the Pixel 2 — and come with a combination charging/carrying case. But unlike the super-tiny AirPods, these are connected via a fabric cable and have unique feature reserved for their users: near real-time translation. Two Pixel Bud wearers can carry on a conversation in two different languages, with Google serving as the translator. Available in three Pixel-matching colors.



As the core of modern optics, particularly integrated optics, high-quality pulse and coherence laser source are always important focuses of academic circle and industrial circle. Under the support of CAS Class B special project of strategic pilot technology "Large-sale Photon Integrated Chip", XIOPM’s micro-nano optics and photon integration team has made series important progresses in on-chip integrated light source.


Give your phone global service range with the Bivystick Satellite Communication Device. Designed for adventurers and others frequently off-the-grid, it connects via Bluetooth and lets you send and receive texts, share your location, track your path, send out an SOS in case of emergency, and access weather forecasts. It also has a 6,000 mAh battery inside, so it can keep your phone juiced up for a few days before they'll both be in need of a charge.



Tell us if this sounds familiar: You're contemplating leaving the service – or have already left. You're facing the prospect of building a brand-new career from scratch. And this prospect is just slightly terrifying.

If so, you've come to the right place.


Ah, college. The time to explore one’s interests, one’s self-identity, and one’s crazy high-speed internet connection. While you might be tempted to use your college network for nefarious purposes, since you can now BitTorrent anything you want at much faster rates than what you might have had at your parents’ home, think about whether it’s worth it. Nothing is going to ruin your day more than getting busted for BitTorrent, your dealings on the Dark Web, or whatever other crazy thing you’re up to.